Saturday, October 02, 2010

Empty Benches


Anthony Duce said...

Like the photo. It’s beautiful. It makes me think of many times in familiar places.
Even more I like your words, the ones you included. Thanks

R said...

It pinches when such inanimated seemingly innocent objects play such havor on our minds by conjuring painful memories of wonderful or shitty past :)

Y.M said...

The post reminds me of a song by Don Mclean Empty Chairs ... kinda pretty close to your posts heading.

Here's the link to the song. Hope it wasn't a waste of your time.

wildflower said...

empty benches always remind us of what could have been..despite being terse, you've said so much!

Pesto Sauce said...

You know I used to see so many similar scenes in Kashmir, where I grew up and always wonder how serene they looked. But yes they look better with couples seated together

The Silent Speaker said...

@ Anthony - Thank you :)

@ R - Yup! Its very true. Thanks for commenting!

@ Y.M - Thank you for the comment and no it wasn't a waste of my time. Its a beautiful song!Thanks for the link. I esp loved the following lines from the song...

"And I wonder if you know
That I never understood
That although you said you'd go
Until you did, I never thought you would"

@ WF - Very true :). Thanks for dropping by.

@ PS - There is no place like Kashmir. Too bad I didn't have a DSLR back in the 90's when I used to visit Kashmir every summer. Thanks for dropping by!

monica said...

Hey! For me!! Seriously!! So sweet of you!
WOW! am Overwhelmed :D
I love the pictue...the solitary bench among the greens,it has an element of nostalgia as well as a certain newness in it!
Memories...sweet or bitter, they always live on and induce a train of feelings and emotions.

Thanks again u :)

sobhit said...

loved d picture n d dedication ...
congrats monica.. u sure "pretty"(read d pun here ;p ) popular in d blogsphere as well// gud goin... n nice pic jalpari... it mks u wana go der wid frnds n hv alil picnic.. n mayb jst go alone n sit der in d woods.. eithr ways njy a plc like dis..

keep capturin... n ppl will b captured ;p..

almost loved said...

I love both the writer AND the photographer in you. I wish I had the knack for photography.

The Silent Speaker said...

@ Monica - Thanks for liking the picture. I dedicated it to you because you had asked me if I was going to post something in my own words. So this one was surely for you :)

P.s I have a thing for solitary benches.

Sobhit - Thanks for dropping by and ofcourse Monica is "pretty" popular (all puns intended), what else would you expect around here ;). Thanks for commenting again!

@ Almost loved - Welcome to my blog and thank you for the comment. I am no photographer. I am someone who likes to take pictures.. thats all. Its a fun activity. You should try it as well. :)

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