Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Milnay Kay Nahin Nayaab Hain Hum


wildflower said...

anythin i say for these words would be only an understatement..

Ann said...


Mademoiselle Deva said...

I love the view!!!

Miss OverThinker said...

Abida Perveen is one of my favourite singers.. lovely picture, beautiful gazal..

monica said...

The wonderful words supplement the picture beautifully. Nice :)

Sunakshi said...

i Loved it :)

The Silent Speaker said...

@ WF- Yup I hear ya!

@ Ann - Thanks

@ MD - Thank you :)

@ MOT - She is the greatest! And thanks for liking the picture.

@ Monica - Thank you!

@ Sunakshi - Thanks :)

Lovely people who read my blog