Sunday, November 21, 2010

White it is...

It is here. Finally it is. The first snow fall that is. I always used to look forward to the first snow fall. It was our thing. Remember?

Some years it used to fall at 3 in the morning and oblivious to what time it is, we used to just go out there and welcome the first snow flakes of the season. I used to drag you. It was my thing. Remember?

You know it was really sweet of you. How you used to come along with me. You hated the snow. But you used to come. Like I said…it was very sweet of you. You were such a sweet heart. It was your thing. Remember?

Oh how you loved everything… white. So since the day you left, I haven’t worn anything but white. I know how crazy you were about white so I made sure the flowers at your funeral were all white as well. I hope you liked the arrangement. I tried my best.

I am sitting here surrounded with all your belongings but you are no where to be found. I have made my decision. I shall keep all of these things. I will make room for them. After all they are your things. And from now on I shall make ‘em… my things.

I will embrace ‘em all. Because a part of you still exists in each and every one of them. In the colored ones as well. But white will always be at the top. Because it was your color. It was your thing.

I will always remember that.


Rest in peace.


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

hey. Who passed away?

Anthony Duce said...

I like this a lot, especially the words, and the concept of it, remembering how it remains still between the two even after one is gone. Thank you.

Shadow said...

moving! so beautifully written.

bettyl said...

Beautiful photos and wonderful post.

Zee Dub said...

love the one of the snow. :)

sulphurdreamz said...

Lovely photographs. My heartfelt condolences to you.

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